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Derek Major Portfolio

3228 E. Muirwood Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85048
cell: 480-580-8018
February 4, 2013

Stephen Esser
Design/Manager Intern
Esser Design
2355 E. Camelback Rd. Suite 200
Phoenix, Arizona 85016
Dear Mr. Esser,
I am writing to you because I am interested for a summer internship position at your facility.
I heard about your company through “” as The Best Top Five Graphic Design Firms in Phoenix. I am really excited about working for a graphic design firm and I chose your company from among the other four, because of your clear, concise mission statement- located on your Profile page.
Furthermore, I am qualified for this position. I am currently an Arizona State University alumni, which is where your graduated from as well. I am studying Design Management, I have skills in Adobe Suite, although I look towards progressing them even farther by being in your company. I have a desire to build, and maintain relationships with people, and I enjoy working in a team atmosphere.
In addition, I believe that I would be an asset to your program. This internship would provide me with the ideal opportunity to assist at your organization and to expand my design skills.
I will be in touch with you in two weeks’ time. I hope to schedule an interview at a mutually convenient time. I look forward to speaking with you.
Thank you for your consideration.

Derek Major


A Simple Doodle

My mini studio or practice is currently located in the bedroom of my house.

I have a small desk which consists of colored pencils, crayons, erasers, pens, sheets of paper, a laptop, a ruler, headphones, and lastly a homemade brewed iced tea on ice; which all tend to disseminate my desk’s surface. My inspiration for my artwork usually starts off with a pen a piece of paper, and a clear head.

Further, once I sit down at my desk I always have a sense of joy enshrined upon my face. Some of my best design works come when I am not compressed of time, or have other things running through my mind. Most of my work, begins as a doodle, but quickly turns into something much more elaborate in the end. All of my work first begins with a dot from my Sharpie .05 pen, which then moves into an immediate curved line. From this curved line, I begin taking small strokes with my pen. Drawing shape, after shape, and line after line from this curved line to come up with something unfamiliar. I try my best to leave white space in between shapes to create depth. When drawing shapes from these doodles, my most prominent shape would have to be the “circle.” Even though the circle may not be seen in my final creations, they do comprise much of my beginning steps. Once I finish this creation, I outline it with a solid, thick line and say “Alright, now I am done!” What do these pieces of art look like? My works of art tend to be anything. They can be products that have been invented, or have not. They can be used for architecture, automobiles, furniture, and top of the line gadgets. Either way they are an expression of who I am, and what was flowing through my mind at the time.

So who am I? I love art, I love music and I love to inspire. That is why I want to go into a marketing/design field to inspire others as well. I want to teach consumers about new products that I will one day design, and I want to be a role-model for other designer’s to come. I love new products and advertisements. And in some way I want to become a part of it, even if it means I get paid for sitting at a desk doodling for the rest of my life. I hope this information was interesting to you, and you learn a little bit of how I do things. So next time you are wondering what to draw next, remember: have a clear head with plenty of time, begin drawing a curved line because from that you can branch into so many different things, keep short strokes with your pen, place different pressures on your pen, create an outline for the final creation, and lastly always have a sense of joy while doing it.



Derek major

Arizona State University. Bachelor Degree in Design Management. 2014 (pending).
(2006 to 2010) Desert Vista Highschool.

Voluntarily made business cards.
Voluntarily was a lighting programmer for Cornerstone Church.

Can design business cards, flyers, and backgrounds using Adobe Suite.
Can design/illustrate quickly to get points across in a timely fashion.
Can program and run a lighting board effectively at Cornerstone Church.

Phil Kearney (Cornerstone)- Lighting: 480.216.9486.

Muhammid Agaphi- Branding/Business Cards: 480.495.3518.



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